Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Women Who Knew Christ - Relief Society Christmas Evening 2014

This year for our Ladies Relief Society Christmas Social I was lucky to take the lead.

I had come across a lovely Christmas program which is a little different than the normal nativity. I found it HERE. Although for our program I changed a couple of the songs.

Instead of the song Joseph's Lullaby I chose, I was not his father by Micheal Maclean.
Instead of the song The Daughter of God, I chose Breath of Heaven by Amy Grant.

I had asked 6 ladies to dress in the style of the women in Christ's time and decorated each table to represent each of the women who knew  Christ.

Elizabeth, mother of John The Baptist
The Mother of Mary
Mother of Joseph, the carpenter
Wife of an Innkeeper
Wife of a Shepherd

On each table I placed an authentic oil lamp
I purchased them HERE

I made some simple chalk art poster and went through all of my boxes to dig out the appropriate items to decorate the hall. Plus my friend helped to make the 3D snowflakes and me to decorate! Thank you Jessica :) The tree and flat paper snowflakes were left up after the wards Christmas party a few days before.

Click HERE to see how to make the snowflakes

The food we chose was a light meal consisting of figs, dates, pistachios, roasted almonds, roasted red pepper hummus, selection of cheese's, dark green salad with fresh pemergrantaes and olives, grapes, oranges, platter of veggies, pita and flat breads, barley and beef soup and gluten free wild rice and chicken soup. I had a couple of wonderful ladies who shopped for the food and set it up.

The night went well and not many dry eyes as it was a moving program. I recommend this program as it will touch your heart and make you feel why we celebrate this time of year and know that these strong and faithful women, knew Jesus Christ.

Each of us is an Innkeeper who decides if there is room for Jesus.
I printed the main words, then drew the words Innkeeper, Jesus and the picture of Mary and Joseph.

We had an assortment of fresh pomergrantes, mangoes and chocolate as gifts for the ladies to go home with as well as a simple bookmark of Christ and saying we had printed on the program.

Women of Faith
She knows of His interest in her life.
She knows that He knows her.
She loves His words and drinks deeply
Of that living water.

Margaret D. Nadauld


  1. This looks amazing. Do you have any sort of script or what the individual women talked about?

  2. I used a script. You can find the download here:

    if you read my post I changed a couple of the songs they suggested.

    I must say it was a spiritually, emotional evening.

    1. Is this script not available any more? When I try to download it at the above website, it is blank? Any suggestions?

    2. Hi Mary Ann, I tried the link and it worked for me.

      But If you'd like to email me directly ( I can give you the downloaded copy that I have saved.

  3. Hi Helen, thank you for posting this. I am wanting to use this as a lesson in Relief Society. Do you remember how long the program lasted? Thank you.

    1. Gosh, how time flies but if memory serves me well it lasted about 40-45 mins. What you can do which I did way back then :) was read through it yourself going a little slower and play each song in sequence with the script. That way you'll have a good gauge of how long it should take. I hope this helps :) I will say though how this program has stayed with me. The spirit was very prominent that evening and there was hardly a dry eye. I myself was a bumbling mess of tears :) I'd love to hear how it turns out for you :)

  4. Thank you. I am so excited to use this. The first time I read though it I was crying. I tried to hide in the bathroom... my children just couldn't see that I was needing quiet time. The words that were written have a beautiful spirit that if I can feel it while "hiding" from my kids I know there is a power there. Thanks again for posting.

  5. So grateful you shared this. We are doing it the second week in December. Where did you get those pictures of the women?

  6. Hi Nicolle,

    I got the pictures from google. LDS picture search for Mary mother of Jesus, and then for the others I did a similar LDS search and tried to find ones that were era appropriate. It's a wonderful program and I'm positive will be a hit :)

  7. This is awesome! Thank you for sharing😀

  8. This is awesome! Thank you for sharing😀


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